Top 5 Places to Work as a Teacher

Recent college graduates entering the teaching workforce may find it difficult to live on a teacher’s salary in some areas of the country. If you haven’t done much research, consider these top five places to work as a teacher.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

With the average salary for teachers at just above $50,000, Minneapolis is an excellent place to live for beginning teachers. Newly certified teachers that specialize in computer science, languages, math, biology or chemistry should consider Minneapolis a top priority due to current shortages in these subjects.

Some of the many advantages that you will find working as a young teacher in Minneapolis are the vibrant nightlife, young singles scene and affordability of housing; the average cost for a one bedroom apartment is $840, much less than most major metropolitan areas in the country.

Providence, Rhode Island

The average salary for a teacher in Providence stands at over $65,000, far above most of the country. Considering this fact alone, new teachers looking to get the most out of their salaries may find Providence an excellent place to settle down, with the average cost for a one bedroom apartment at $800.

While the higher salary in Providence is the main attraction for new teachers, you should also consider the fact that the city puts such a high value on education. With many class sizes being around ten students per teacher, the fact of being able to effectively teach every student is a huge bonus for new graduates.

If you are looking for a teaching job in Providence, you should consider that the city currently has teaching needs in special education, computer science and math.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is another excellent city for beginning teachers. With the average salary for teachers at roughly $66,000, the rental price for a one bedroom apartment of $900 is very affordable. Current in-demand needs in Hartford include special education, elementary teachers, history, mathematics and physical education.

Not only does Hartford offer an affordable lifestyle for teachers, location is everything for the younger generation that lives there. New York City is only a short drive away and is a popular destination for weekend getaways.

Phoenix, Arizona

While teachers make an average of $43,000 per year, average rental prices for a one bedroom apartment still stay fairly low at under $800 per month. Based on these two facts alone, Phoenix is an excellent place for a young graduate to get their career started as a teacher.

Those seeking positions in special education, elementary education and mathematics may find it easier to get a job in Phoenix than in other cities.

Washington, D.C.

While Washington, D.C. offers an excellent average salary for teachers at over $62,000 per year, the rental rates in the metro area stand at an average of over $2,000 per month for a one bedroom apartment. You can still avoid these outrageous rates by living in one of DC’s many suburbs in Virginia or Maryland.

Washington, D.C. currently has a need for special education, mathematics and foreign language teachers.

Washington, D.C.’s school district also offers excellent yearly bonuses for high performing teachers, and at times may add up to an extra $25,000, but be wary of job security as a beginning teacher; the protections offered in many areas is not offered in D.C.