What is a Technology Teacher?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers in general will experience a growth rate in job opportunities by nine percent between the years 2008 to 2018. A report from the USCRossierOnline blog in 2011 explains the outlook for high school teaching jobs, claiming this 9% increase projected for high school educators will generate an additional 100,000 new jobs across the country. This report also indicates that teaching jobs are on the rise because these professionals cannot be replaced or moved to low-cost labor markets in other countries. Teaching is and will always be a domestic market for job opportunities.

Respect for Education

Government support begins with President Obama and the Department of Education who have developed a blueprint for recognizing the importance of education in American society. The Blueprint for RESPECT acknowledges the need for educators to be respected in their profession on the same level as engineering, law, or medicine. Setting high standards for certification, as well as community support and continuing opportunities for growth within the teaching profession are important as a means to attract dynamic, dedicated educators.

Meeting Needs as a Teaching Professional

In today’s “internet world”, technology and social media has had a big influence on the need to teach technology, particularly in high schools across the country. According to U.S. News, technology is changing education by making it imperative that high school students know their way around a computer and the various programs available, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. By the time a student reaches high school, they probably have a general knowledge of a computer, and certainly the use of cell phones compatible with the internet.

Location, Location, Location

As can be said with any profession, some areas of growth in educators of technology will depend on the location. Chances of getting a job in that field of study are much higher if you are willing to relocate. The more flexible the candidate is, the more likely they are to be hired. Jobs in education and growth in schools is usually associated with growth of a region or specific part of the country. Current growth is said to be in the Southern and Western states as a result of major corporations relocating to these areas. However, this trend could change, and college graduates seeking employment in teaching technology will increase their employment opportunities by remaining flexible regarding location.

Use of Computers in Professional Settings

Knowledge of social media is certainly wide-spread among high school students. However, the ability to use Twitter and Facebook is probably not a pre-requisite for getting into a University, or finding a job after high school graduation. Knowing how to create a spreadsheet in Excel or constructing a PowerPoint presentation, however, are important elements to being successful in the 21st century. It is not likely that computers or the importance of knowing how to use them in a professional setting is going away anytime in the foreseeable future. For that reason, teachers of technology in high schools should have a bright future in education. As with any profession, the more you know, and the more willing you are to continue to learn and advance, contributes to making your outlook brighter for teaching high school technology.