What Type of Internships Are Available For Education Majors?

Teaching InternshipExperiential learning activities in the form work study opportunities have become standard in most university degree programs, and the internships available for education majors are some of the most rewarding. Although learning classroom based education theory is a necessary part of the education degree curricula, most aspiring teachers develop and hone their skills by interacting with students in real world situations. Since youth programs are inherently a part of community services, there are a number of ways that university education departments can position their students as mentors, tutors and instructors to local youths. Here are some specific internship programs designed to help future teachers build up their skills and confidence while helping young people excel socially and academically.

Freedom Schools Program

The Freedom Schools Program which is sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund matches college education majors with local youth to help improve literacy. Early childhood development is a major specialization area within the education field, and the Freedom Schools Program gives education majors opportunities to share their time and skills with children who are learning to read. A teacher is largely successful when they can engage both the students and their parents. The Freedom Schools Program also allows education majors to practice effective communication with parents through facilitation of community based workshops that are designed to strengthen the bonds among parents, schools and communities.

Breakthrough Collaborative

For education majors who want to hit the ground running after graduation, the Breakthrough Collaborative program offers the ideal classroom upon which they can practice their skills during summer breaks. The program allows the college students to create lesson plans and actually teach a variety of subjects to junior high school students in underserved communities. A teaching intern for Breakthrough can expect long, action packed days of teaching duties that include both collective and individual student learning activities. These interns are also introduced to the administrative duties of teachers such as faculty and departmental meetings during their typical 10 hour work days. The Breakthrough Collaborative experiential learning opportunity, which is also available internationally, has been consistently recognized by the Princeton Review as one of the top internships available to education majors. Employers recognize that this type of experience is invaluable for teachers, and they note when recent graduates take the initiative to participate in challenging programs such as Breakthrough Collaborative.

College Spring

Even students who have achieved a certain amount of academic success during their secondary school years can feel a good deal of anxiety when it comes to taking standardized tests like the SATs or other college entrance examinations. These students have good reasons to be concerned about doing well on the tests because their test scores are the primary means used by university admissions staff to fairly rank candidates’ academic abilities among their peers. Anxious students with money can hire tutors to help prepare them to make high marks, but now underprivileged children can take advantage of the same type of SAT preparatory activities with the help of education interns with the College Spring. These education majors work one on one with high school students to assess their aptitude and design lesson plans to help them to reach their full academic potential.

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Like many academic disciplines, education degree programs rely heavily on delivering real world experiences to their students. Today’s education majors have a variety of internship options. Some internships focus on supporting the academic needs of underprivileged children in local communities, and other internships available for education majors help to prepare the future educators for opportunities abroad.