What is a Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology?

A Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology (LDT) degree program is for students who want to start or advance their careers in non-traditional academic settings. This degree teaches students about online learning, corporate training, performance assessment, instructional evaluation and educational program design. Graduates learn about the management of educational programs, people and equipment. This degree program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge required to significantly improve student learning and performance outcomes in their organizations, according to the Office of Educational Technology.

The Ideal Candidate

Most admissions committees look for candidates whose prior academic experience demonstrates the ability to succeed in rigorous graduate programs related to any field of education. All candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher learning institution. There usually are no required prerequisite courses or prior majors, but education, technology and psychology are preferred. Most admissions committees actively search for candidates who demonstrate evidence of professional progress and promise. The ideal degree candidate will be ready to begin learning advanced knowledge and equally prepared to work as an education design and technology professional after graduation. Admissions committees usually require a resume, short essay and letters of recommendation to better understand the candidates’ qualifications and backgrounds. Prior paid work or volunteer experience in educational settings is helpful. This could include experience in corporate, high school or special education settings.

Degree Outcomes

This degree program will give students the base knowledge and competencies to design, develop, implement and assess technology-based instructional programs and materials. Students will learn how to apply instructional design theories to unrelated industries outside of the educational world. For example, many manufacturing companies use online training systems in conjunction with skill-based tests for employees to earn wage increases. Many corporations are turning to internal training systems in order to meet their unique needs, re-train workers and increase their market competitiveness. Graduate’s resumes will demonstrate to employers about the candidate’s ability to design, implement and evaluate designs, technology, lessons and training programs. Many licensed classroom teachers pursue this degree in order to gain a deep understanding of new approaches to learning and teaching. Competitive applicants will probably have a strong record of involvement and leadership in civic, school, community and professional groups.

Possible Curriculum

A Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology degree program will usually include similar classes. These may be called student learning, psychology, motivation and performance evaluation. There may be classes in research methods, data analysis, qualitative tools and online environment design. Educational classes may cover human development, classroom diversity, differentiated learning and curriculum selection. For example, a class in learning theories and instructional design will help students learn how learning and motivation theories are being applied to instructional processes. Classes in distance learning will examine the design and development of effective learning strategies for computer-based learning environments. Classes in learning systems design will explore the tools and processes for creating efficient and effective learning strategies in classrooms and workplaces. After graduation from this degree program, students with an educational background will have created an impressive portfolio that offers competitive advantages in job markets.

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A Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology degree will produce educators who are prepared to work in classroom, business, military and government settings.