What Degree Is Needed To Teach In A Community College?

Community College TeacherThe type of degree needed to teach in community college often depends on the school and its own requirements. These two-year schools offer two different types of program. One program is a terminal program designed to assist students with working in different careers after graduating. The other program teaches students foundational skills that will help them earn a Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree later. As a professor at the community college level, you have the chance to work with students of all ages and backgrounds.

Types of College Degrees

There are four major types of college degree: Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. An Associate’s degree is a two-year degree designed for students interested in attending more school later or for working in the field, while a Bachelor’s degree is a four-year degree program. Earning a Master’s degree typically takes two years or more of additional study, and to earn a Doctoral degree, you’ll spend an additional two years researching and writing after completing your Master’s degree.

Degree Needed to Teach in Community College

The type of degree need to teach in community college often varies from school to school. Most schools require that you have a Master’s degree, but some community colleges require a Doctoral level degree. Community colleges are generally much smaller than four-year public and private colleges, which means that those schools have fewer job openings. Many of those schools have online employment sites that let you see the current job postings and the requirements for each job. Some schools even let you create an account and join a waiting list. You’ll receive an email when the school has jobs available that match your resume.

Duties of a Community College Professor

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that there are four skills that college professors must possess: communication, critical thinking, resourcefulness and writing. You must know how to apply critical thinking both to the way you teach your students and to your chosen field. Though community college professors don’t often publish and research as much as other professors do, you will need to create course materials for your students and produce material that offers your students a better understanding of specific topics. College professors teach several courses each semester, assign homework, administer tests and answer questions from students.

Benefits of Community College

The main reason people want to work as college professors is for the job stability that those careers offer. After entering the tenure track at a college or university, you spend seven years or longer teaching classes. Once the school gives you tenure, you can limit your teaching and focus more on your research without seeing your salary drop. There is a lot of competition for tenure track positions, but competition for community college jobs is often less harsh. You can use your position to gain tenure or more experience before moving on to a different school.

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You need a Master’s degree to teach at the community college level, but some of the larger and more reputable schools require a doctoral degree or a higher degree for its professors. The degree needed to teach in community college depends on the school where you want to teach, but most schools now let applicants know all the requirements of the job upfront and before they apply.