What Courses Would a Social Science Teacher Instruct?

Social Science TeacherWhen you go to college and declare a major in social sciences and education, you might wonder about what courses a social science teacher instructs. Social science is essentially a term that refers to the science of human behavior, including the way groups interact with people and why individuals think or act in the ways that they do. You may find that you teach courses designed to introduce students to these topics and that you teach more advanced classes at the college level.

High School vs. College

Before you look at the type of courses a social science teacher instructs, you should think about whether you want to teach at the high school or college level. Social sciences teachers working in private and public high schools teach basic classes designed to introduce students to that topic. A psychology course may look at some of the leading names in the field, give students a brief glossary of psychology terms and talk about some of the jobs in that field. College courses in psychology will go into great detail about specific types of psychology, including abnormal, personality and social psychology. College professors often earn more than high school teachers because they have a higher degree and more experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median pay of high school teachers at more than $56,000 a year.

Criminal Justice Classes

Criminal justice is more than just the study of criminals. This field of study looks at all the professionals who work in the field, how the legal system works and what happens when someone faces a criminal charge. Social science teachers often use these courses to help students better understand what goes through the mind of a criminal and how society plays a role in the crimes committed today. Though this is a more popular field of study at the college level, some high schools now offer criminal justice courses too.

History Classes

As a social sciences teacher, you may find yourself teaching a few history classes as well. While high school history classes usually focus on a specific time period in history, college courses look more closely at specific groups of people. You might teach a course on the changing roles of women in society, the impact of sports in certain groups and how economics affected a set region of the world. These courses often ask students to think outside the box and outside of their textbooks.

Social Work Courses

The courses a social science teacher instructs may include some social work classes as well. Social workers assist those in need help because of emotional abuse, physical abuse, medical problems, disabilities and other issues. You might work in a hospital and arrange for patients to receive home health care and help them get transportation to upcoming doctors’ appointments. Some social workers work for the Department of Family Services and investigate claims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. You’ll teach students how to identify signs of abuse, about the aging process and about human development in general.

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College students majoring in education can select the age range of the students they want to work with and the type of classes they teach. Learning more about the courses a social science teacher instructs can help you decide if this is a good field for you.