What Careers are Available With a Degree In Educational Theory?

Educational TheoryIf you are studying for a degree with your school’s Department of Education Policy Studies, it is time to learn about the careers available with a degree in educational theory so that you can make plans for your professional future. While most are aware that demand for teaching professional are on the rise, many are not familiar with other opportunities that exist within the field of education that also have a good outlook.

One of the specialties within the field of education is educational theory, which focuses on the purpose of education, how theories are applied and how learning can be interpreted. Educational theory and policy is a very broad degree program that covers several different explanations as to how humans learn and how various students should be taught. According to Learning Theories, some of the educational theories covered include: constructivism, behaviorism, cognitivism, and observational learning. All of these theories have been used to explain how one learns or applies their learning and can be used to help improve the outcomes in the classroom. Here are some of the careers that you can pursue once you cover all of these theories as an Educational Theory major.

Careers in Education Policy

If you would like to get involved in policy and politics, you may want to use your degree in Educational Theory to work as a policymaker. If you work in an education policy organization, you could be an advocate that pushes the causes or a professional theorist who performs methodical research to support arguments or to disprove others. In this field, you will need to be able to look at the big picture and decide what small elements within the policy must be changed for an overall impact. You need to read theories, review arguments and also deconstruct arguments and research that has already been conducted. You could work in a wide range of settings if you choose to work for a policy organization, Huffington Post. Some of these settings include:

  • Foundation
  • Think Tanks
  • Research Institutions
  • Advocacy
  • Union chapters
  • Legislative Government
  • Executive Government Departments

Working in Educational Consulting and Curriculum Development

When you become a specialist in learning theories and curriculum, you will be fully qualified to work in either consulting or in curriculum development. When you become an educational consultant, you will work directly with parents of students to help guide them into choosing the best schools or the best curricular programs. They help to make learning more fun and clarify priorities so that students can stay engaged and take something from school.

If you choose to work in curriculum development, you will work directly for a school district and will be assigned the role of creating new curriculum or identifying different areas where there is a need for adjustments, according to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Your education that focuses on theories and curriculum will certainly prepare you to align curriculum and instruction.

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The best educational theory programs take an interdisciplinary approach to deliver content in social sciences, humanistic studies and educational studies as well. If you currently are pursuing a degree, you need to decide if you want to work in research, policy development, consulting, curriculum development or policy analysis. Once you have decided on the route you want to take, you can then complete a formal degree program and land one of many careers available with a degree in educational theory.