Other Than a School, Where Can I Work as a Teacher?

Many young people are graduating from college with degrees in education, and they are wondering about teacher occupations. At some point, they thought they wanted to be a classroom teacher. However, while they would still like to work in some educational domain, a school is not the place for them. What are some places where individuals in this situation can work? 

Publishing Companies

You may wish to look into some publishing companies as they may be in need of a teacher’s perspective. Some major companies across the country create and distribute books for all different types of students. Your perspective can help them to craft appropriate materials. If you are a person who has a degree in English, writing studies or a related field, then you may be best suited for this job. You’ll likely need an eye for writing and editing to secure at least some of the positions.

Tutoring Center

Plenty of tutoring centers can be found across the United States as well. Parents want to ensure that their children have the competitive edge. On top of that, many students themselves are looking to get into the top colleges and to be at the top of their class. By going to a tutoring center, they procure the one-on-one assistance that they need to succeed. When you work at a tutoring center, you are still teaching, but just in a different capacity. Instead of developing lesson plans, for example, students will come to you with their inquiries.

Daycare Center

Perhaps you went to school for elementary education or early elementary education. Whatever the case may be, you prefer to work with the younger population. Opting to work at a daycare is an excellent choice for you. You will still be working with the target age group; however, it will not be purely academic. Of course, educational opportunities are offered in many day care settings, and you might be able to lead some of those activities. Be sure to let the person hiring you know that you have experience as a teacher or a degree in education.

Camp Programs

Essentially, any job where children are housed or where they go to on a regular basis would be a wise option for a teacher, and camps are no exception to that rule. When you work at a camp, you’ll really be able to bring in those classroom management skills. Chances are, you are going to be in-charge of a lot of youngsters at a time, so your experience can pay off. You may even offer to lead some particular groups in the sciences, arts and so forth.

Babysitter or Nanny

Maybe you are looking to step farther away from the corporate world. If so, a position as a babysitter or a nanny can be a great idea for you, and this is particularly true if you have ever student taught a group of youngsters. You may want to babysit part-time, or you might take up a position as a live-in nanny in a state far away from your home.

So many people are graduating with degrees in education, and they do not know what to do about their jobs. Fortunately, the doors are wide open when it comes to teacher occupations.