How Do You Become A Theater Teacher?

Theater TeacherThe passion that you have for the stage can do you well when it comes to working with teachers, but if you want to become a theater teacher, you need more than just that passion.  As a theater teacher, also known as a drama teacher, you also need to know how to express yourself and lead others to feel the same way you do about acting.

Be an Actor First

The only way that you can teach others how to act is if you know the ins and outs of acting yourself. You need the knowledge and experience that only comes from performing on stage. Whether you act in bit parts on television and in films, in student productions or on stage at your college and in your local community theater, you’ll gain a unique perspective on how your students feel. You can show them how to act to the audience, where to stand and even how to move across the stage without blocking their fellow actors.

Go to College

If you want to become a theater teacher, you need to go to college. While some smaller schools and private schools will hire those with experience and no degree, you typically need a college degree to gain your license and teach in your state. Not only will you take classes on acting and have the chance to perform on stage, but you’ll also learn the methodologies of acting, including method acting and other concepts. You’ll also how to work with students of different ages and backgrounds and get those students to listen and pay attention to you.

Get Your Teaching License

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teaching certification is available for those teaching at the elementary, junior high or high school level, but those working in private schools may not need a license or certificate. Each state has its own process in place regarding how teachers gain their license, but you usually need a bachelor’s degree. Your state may also require that you had a grade point average of a minimum amount or that you promise to continue your studies at the graduate level later. Passing of a skills test or a criminal background test are also requirements in some states.

Learn More

The best teachers are those who never stop learning. To become a theater teacher, you need to commit to learning more. Some drama teachers take classes to earn their graduate degree or Ph.D degree, and other theater teachers continue working in the field. They direct plays in local theaters, attend acting workshops and continue acting on stage themselves. They also work with their students to put on musical and plays. Those performances help teachers gain more experience working with students outside of the classroom and help the students gain experience on stage.

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Drama and theater teachers foster the creativity and acting spirit in the next generation of actors and actresses. They help students understand the methodologies behind different acting techniques and get them excited about performing on stage. A college degree, a license to teach and a passion for acting are some of the requirements needed of those who want to become a theater teacher.