How Do You Become A Music Teacher?

Music TeacherThere are dozens of different topics that teachers can focus on, but those with a passion and interest in music might look at how to become a music teacher. Though some think that majoring in music at the undergraduate level will only prepare them for playing with professional orchestras or playing in a band, those students also hone their skills and gain experience that can help them work with students later. Majoring in music in college is just one step in the process of becoming a teacher.

Major in Music

Music is one of many majors available to students at the undergraduate level. Many schools are highly selective with the students they admit into their programs, and they ask students to showcase the experience that they have early in the admissions process. Some schools require that students audition for open slots. You may need to go through several auditions before you find out if you earned one of those spots. As a music major, you may find it helpful to take some education courses as well, which go over the methodologies used by teachers today.

Gain Certification

Every state in the country requires that teachers pass a background check and go through a certification process before teaching. The board of education or board of teaching in your state will walk you step by step through the certification and licensing processes. To become a music teacher, you need to go through a criminal background check, which requires that you submit your fingertips to a police district in your area. The Music Teachers National Association offers certification for those working in the country. You’ll need to demonstrate your expertise through a written test to earn that certificate.

Understand the Duties of the Job

According to the National Association for Music Education, music teachers need a basic understanding of music theory. They cannot simply expect to walk into a classroom and listen to students sing or watch them play their instruments. Music teachers are the ones responsible for educating students on scales and notes and explaining to them the theories behind different musical genres. NAME also points out that music teachers need to know how to play the piano or keyboard, which will help them go over basic and more advanced compositions with students.

Show Your Passion for Music

The passion that you have for music can help you become a music teacher, but you need to know how to show that passion to others. At the college level, you might join the choir, glee club, jazz band or marching band. After leaving college, you might record music on your own and practice your skills at home or in a rehearsal studio. Though some think that music teachers are musicians who never found success in the field, music teachers are often people who want to get others excited about music. Many employers today will ask you about the experience that you have at both the amateur and professional levels and for some samples of your work.

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Music teachers work with students of all ages. They might lead band or choir classes, act as an adviser for students, teach at the college level or even get younger students excited about singing and playing instruments. To become a music teacher, you need certification, a license and a college degree in music or education.