How Do You Become A Gifted Resources Teacher?

Gifted Resources TeacherLooking at how to become a gifted resources teacher is something you should research while still in college or before you start your classes. Gifted students, sometimes called gifted and talented students, are those who act and learn at a higher level than their peers. They might have higher IQs, have a hard time fitting in with their peers and grow easily bored in traditional classrooms. Gifted resources teachers need to understand the differences that exist between the students in their classrooms and their peers.

Study Education

Gifted and talented teachers must have a minimum of an undergraduate college degree. Though the education programs vary from school to school, most consist of education courses, general education classes and a student teaching component. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during student teaching, the college will send you to a local school. You’ll spend one semester watching other teachers in action and at least one semester teaching students yourself. Depending on the program, you may receive an assignment to work in a gifted classroom. The program will also require you to select the age of students you want to teach and take courses designed to make you more comfortable with students in that age range.

Pass Your State Licensing Requirements

To become a gifted resources teacher, you need to meet the licensing requirements in your state. The general requirements include passing a background check performed by the local police department after you sign a consent form and share your fingerprints. Many states also offer a skills test that asks you questions about the ethics of teaching students of different ages, what to do during an emergency situation and other things you might encounter in the job. Agreeing to finish your graduate degree within a certain number of years may be another requirement.

Work with Gifted Students

Gifted students often act differently than their peers do. The experience that you gain from student teaching and working in the classroom can help, but you need to gain additional experience working with those with a higher IQ and those who are part of a gifted program. Some schools offer internship programs that let college students and recent graduates lead activities and go with students on field trips. You can also gain some experience working in an after school program or working with students preparing to take the ACT or SAT.

Remain Educated

Remaining educated is an important step associated with working with gifted students. Far too many teachers stop after obtaining a bachelor’s degree and spend the rest of their years teaching. If you want to become a gifted resources teacher, consider taking classes towards your master’s degree or taking open courses online from home. Those courses will let you learn more about advanced topics and have the questions that your students might ask. Advanced education classes also give you more ideas for activities that you can do in the classroom to keep your students motivated and excited about the information that you present.

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Gifted and talented students face problems at home and at school. As they are smarter than their peers, they have a hard time forming friendships and working with others. To become a gifted resources teacher, you need to understand the problems they face, but you also need experience working with those students, your bachelor’s degree and your state license.