How Do You Become a Cyber School Instructor?

Cyber School InstructorBefore you become a cyber school instructor, you usually need some type of teaching license and a college degree. Those who teach online generally need to follow all the same steps that a traditional teacher would follow. While you might think that this type of job is easier than teaching in a traditional high school or elementary school, some find that the job is actually harder than they expected. Understanding how cyber schools work and what instructors in those schools do is just one step in the process.

Understand Cyber Schools

Many people credit the state of Pennsylvania with creating the first cyber school program, but there are now similar programs available in most states. Cyber schools allow students to take all courses needed to move to a higher level or graduate from high school without actually taking classes in a traditional school. As a cyber instructor, you must find a way to connect with your students and ensure they understand the materials without actually working with those students in person. Many of these schools now require that students meet over web cam with their instructors one or more times every week.

Complete an Education Program

Going to college is just one thing you must do before you can become a cyber school instructor. This is especially true of those teaching at the elementary, middle or high school levels. If you want to work as online college instructor, you generally need a master’s degree or a doctoral degree and some real world experience as well. The education program that you complete at college should include some real world element. You’ll observe teachers working in your community and actually work as a temporary teacher too. A college degree in education also qualifies you to get a teaching license in your state.

Get Your License

Most online schools today require that teachers have a license in the state where the school has its headquarters. Passing a background check is just one step that most states require. You will need to submit to a criminal and civil background check that a local police department does off your fingerprints. Some states may ask that you take a professional examination that asks you about common problems you might encounter in the classroom and how you would work with your students. Many states also ask that you agree to continue your education and earn a higher level degree after starting your teaching career.

Apply for Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median wage among high school teachers is more than $56,000 a year. The amount you make depends on where you teach and your level of experience. To become a cyber school instructor, you may work for a public school system or a private school. Private schools often pay more. These schools ask that you submit an application and send in a copy of your resume. You will need to meet with representatives from the school, and some schools actually let you teach one session online to see how well you can handle the job before hiring you.

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Cyber schools became more popular in recent years because of bullying and other issues that made it harder for some students to attend traditional schools. To become a cyber school instructor, you will still need to go to college and get your teaching license.