How Do I Become A School Librarian?

School Librarian Would you like to become a school librarian? For those who are bookworms and absolutely love reading, it seems like a dream job. Reading is just one of the interests that might lead a person to consider a career as a school librarian, though. Are you passionate about learning, teaching, and technology? Do you love research and learning new things? School librarians do far more than shelve books or shush students. Today’s librarian is a resource for both students and teachers and helps connect them with the materials they need, both print sources and online or electronic resources as well.

Helping students is, no doubt, a rewarding aspect of the profession; however, there are other appealing aspects as well. If you choose to become a school librarian, the days and hours you work will likely be very similar to that of a teacher, with weekends and summers off. You may also be involved in helping select and implement new technology. Modern librarians must be media-savvy, so if you’re fascinated by new technology, this career might be a good fit for you.

What Does A School Librarian Do?

Many of us are familiar with the typical librarian duties of assisting people locate and check-out books, providing information on sources for research, etc. The school librarian today still performs these duties, but the job encompasses much more.

He or she may provide input to teachers on various programs or resources, organize in-library programs for students, supervise library staff, interact with other educators, train students on new technologies, and help them access digital resources.

Many areas of learning, teaching, and research are encompassed in the role of librarian.

How Do I Become a School Librarian?

In terms of education necessary, many (but not all) positions require a master’s degree.

The Master’s in Library Science degree is a post-graduate degree with emphasis in many specialized areas relevant to teaching, learning, and technology. Both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Library Association offer detailed information on the education necessary to pursue this career path, as well as a bit of information on the specifics involved in obtaining the degree.

For a school librarian, some states might require that the librarian be certified as a teacher and some may also require that the individual holds a Library Media Specialist certification as well.

Where Can I Find More Information?

If you’re interested in exploring this career further, there are several sites that provide a wealth of information on the profession in general and school librarians, such as Library Journal and School Library Monthly.

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While the job may require extensive education and certification, there’s no question that it offers many benefits as well. Aside from the tangible rewards, you have an opportunity to help a child discover the joy of learning. As we get older, many of us look back fondly and remember those people who encouraged us along the way. Perhaps as a librarian, you can be instrumental in helping a child develop a passion for knowledge and learning. If you choose to become a school librarian, you can make a difference in someone’s life by sharing your own love of reading, researching, and learning.