How Do I Become A Middle School Math Teacher?

Middle School Math TeacherIf you want to become a middle school math teacher, what should you do to accomplish your goal? For most people, becoming a teacher means getting their undergraduate degree, spending time as a student teacher and eventually getting their aster’s degree in education.

Get Your Initial Certification

The first step to becoming a middle school teacher is to get your certification at that grade level. In many states, teachers have the choice of becoming certified to teach math to students in grades 7-12 or K-6. Therefore, you may need to decide which specific grade level that you want to teach before you get your certification. Once you have decided which grades you want to teach, you can start on your undergrad degree.

Student Teaching Is One Of The Final Steps On The Road To Certification

Most states require that students spend a semester teaching in a classroom before they are certified. Students will typically do this in their junior or senior year of college. Student teachers must create lesson plans and receive good marks each time that they are observed by another teacher or an administrator in the school.

Pass State Tests To Obtain Certification

Once you have completed your student teaching, you can then take your state’s certification test, according to the Teaching Center. Upon passing this test, you will then be given your provisional math certification and can start looking for jobs in your certification area. In many states, teachers are required to complete a master’s program within five years of getting the provisional certification.

Start Looking for Substitute Jobs

After getting your certification, it is now possible to start sending in applications to districts with job openings. Teachers who have just received their certification may have to start out as substitute teachers. Substitute teaching may be ideal for new teachers because it gives them a chance to work in multiple districts and connect with other teachers and administrators. In some districts, a teacher must have been a substitute within that district to be considered for a teaching position. Depending on state and district rules, it may be possible for a teacher to sub in areas other than math.

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Find A Full-Time Position

After spending one or more school years serving as a substitute, it is now time to start sending in applications to become a full-time math teacher. Schools will want to see your transcript, a properly constructed resume as well as references when you send in your application. A reference letter can be written by anyone who knows you professionally and would be able to vouch for you. Depending on the job posting, you may receive a three-year probationary position or a long-term substitute position where you get the same salary and benefits as a full-time teacher.

Someone who becomes a middle school math teacher will have earned that position when they get it. Those who are able to get through college, student teaching and spend time paying dues as a substitute will have the skills needed to be a great teacher.