How Do I Become a Gym Teacher?

Gym TeacherTo become a gym teacher, you need the proper education and certification with regard to your goals. The minimum requirements to become a gym teacher in the United States are a four-year Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate. Some private schools and universities also require a master’s degree or Ph.D. in a field closely related to physical education.

Many colleges offer teaching-track programs in physical education. These degrees typically include a period of classroom training for earning a teaching certificate. Demand for teachers in general is expected to grow more slowly than other occupations, with demand for high school teachers predicted to grow by about 6 percent. Teaching positions for earlier grades are expected to increase more quickly than high school positions.

Training to Become a Gym Teacher

College curriculum requirements for gym teachers vary from state to state, so if you’re planning to move out of state after college, research your destination’s requirements to make sure you can become certified in that state. While earning a four-year bachelor’s degree, you will study kinesiology, exercise physiology, anatomy, health, nutrition and related subjects. Kinesiology is the study of movements of the human body, which is important in sports and exercise activities, according to Global Post.

When considering whether to become a gym teacher, ask yourself if you think you have the passion and dedication to exercise, health and fitness needed to inspire others to follow your instruction. You should naturally enjoy working with teens and young people and feel comfortable instilling discipline without losing your patience.

Licensing Requirements to Become a Gym Teacher

While all public schools require gym teachers to have a teaching certificate, the same requirement isn’t true for private schools, according to an article in The Houston Chronicle.┬áBefore you can start working toward a teaching certificate, you must have a four-year Bachelor’s degree and pass a physical education competency test. After becoming licensed, you must meet your state’s requirements for educators to maintain your status.

If you want to work in a private or vocational school, you will most likely need an advanced degree in physical education. A Master’s degree can also help high school and middle school gym teachers advance in their careers. Since the demand for high school teachers is expected to grow more slowly than other occupations, a Master’s degree can make you more desirable to propective employers.

Earning Potential for Gym Teachers

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports that high school teachers earned a median annual income of $55,050 in 2012, with half of all high school teachers earning less and half earning more. The highest earning 10 percent took home $85,000 per year. This salary takes into account the two summer months most teachers take off each year.

The typical salary range for gym teachers is $27,468 to $64,547 per year, although gym teachers who take on coaching or other teaching positions have an opportunity to earn additional income. As with other teaching positions, gym teachers generally earn more as they become more experienced. Pay can also vary from state to state.

Being a gym teacher can be an extremely rewarding career if you love fitness, exercise, health and working with young people. The proper education and training can dramatically improve your career prospects and earning potential when you become a gym teacher.