How Do I Become A Certified Teacher?

Certified TeacherIf you want to become a certified teacher, it is important to learn about your state’s requirements. A teaching certification is required in every state to instruct children in primary school and secondary school. To earn your certification, you will need to attend an accredited school so that you can learn the knowledge that is needed to be an effective educator. You will also need to consider the age group and the subject area that you would like to teach as you are going through the certification process. Read on, and find out how to go about navigating through certification requirements based on what your teaching goals are.

The Route That You Take to Get to Certification Can Vary

Many prospective students are not aware of the fact that there are several different paths that you can take that will lead to certification. You must consider all of the different factors that can direct you to take a specific route to certification. The road to getting a credential can be a confusing one because you must consider your education background, your location and your professional experience in the field. Your state’s criteria for credentialing, what age group of students that you want to teach, and the specialization that you are pursuing should all be considered when you are mapping out a route.

Different Routes That You Can Take to Qualify for a Teaching Credential

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

One of the most common routes to certification is to earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. If you would like to teach elementary school, you will need to select a major in education, and if you would like to become a secondary school teacher, it is more appropriate to major in a specific subject area and minor in Education, according to USC Rossier Online.¬†You may also need to pass the Praxis I exam depending on your state’s certification requirements prior to passing the Praxis II. Once you have a Bachelor’s degree, you should be qualified to apply for certification.

Alternative Certification Options

For aspiring teachers who already possess a Bachelor’s degree, there are alternative routes that you can take if the program that you attended did not meet certification requirements. An Alternative Certification Program must be state-approved. You may also need to take an entrance exam and gain professional experience with a temporary certification that is issued to students. Once you complete the coursework and pass the Praxis II exam, you will be granted a teaching credential. You may also want to consider going the Master’s degree route by earning an advanced degree in teaching to get more experience or specialize in a subject area or concentration like Special Education. This route will help you gain in-class experience with a mentor teacher.

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All states require that teachers who wish to become certified hold a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. In preparation for the Praxis II exam, you may also need to complete a teacher education credentialing program. After you meet the educational requirements, you may also be required to take special state-specific testing to show that you are prepared to be an educator. Be sure to check your state’s specific requirements so that you can travel down the right path from the start and become a certified teacher.