How Can You Specialize an Education Degree in the Social Sciences?

Social SciencesIf you’ve decided to pursue a career in education and have a special interest in teaching history or other related subjects, you may be interested in learning how to specialize an education degree in the social sciences. There are different ways you can do this. The approach you take to such specialization may depend on where you are in your academic career, but you should be able to find a way to pursue your interest in social sciences at various degree levels.

Double Major as an Undergraduate

If you have identified your interest in teaching in the social sciences early on in your college career, you may want to consider working on a double major at the bachelor’s degree level. While not every college major lends itself easily to doubling up with another, education and the social sciences are some of the more popular majors that do lend themselves to that and can easily end up as a good pairing.

The social sciences really include any subjects that are primarily concerned with human societies and relationships within those societies. Economics, political science, geography, history and sociology are all considered social sciences. Those who are interested in teaching social sciences at an elementary, middle, or secondary education level will likely be interested in teaching subjects such as history, civics, geography or general social studies. Having a background in an area of social science as well as a degree in education could be a good preparation for teaching the social sciences at various levels.

Specializing at the Graduate Level

If you are interested in learning how to specialize an education degree in the social sciences at the graduate level, you will probably be looking at specializing a Master of Education (M.Ed) degree. The M.Ed is a degree that will help you to advance your teaching career, and it can be specialized in any number of content areas. Some people who specialize an M.Ed, do so because they want to move into administration of a school or into the actual design and writing of curriculum for classrooms. Those are possible specializations, but so is the specialization of a specific subject area, such as one of the social sciences, that will enable you to go deeper in a specific subject and thus be able to present that material more effectively to students, according to Grad School Hub. A background in both education and the specific subject area you want to specialize in, such as history or geography, will be helpful preparation for getting into such a program, which may have some requisite content areas for admission or will at least expect you to have some familiarity with both fields.

Specializing an education degree can be a great way to enhance your knowledge of a specific subject area and to increase your effectiveness as a classroom teacher. If you decide to specialize an education degree in the social sciences, especially at the graduate level, you may also find that the specialization opens other career doors, perhaps giving you the opportunity to teach as an adjunct in local community colleges or other types of programs.