How Can You Specialize a Degree in Educational Technology?

Educational TechnologyStudents can specialize a degree in educational technology through carefully selecting the right program that meets their needs. The field of education is the second most popular master degree concentration, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. As illustrated below, many schools offer educational technology degrees that focus on specific areas.

What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology is a discipline that focuses on how to effectively integrate technological tools into the learning process. It includes computers, webcams, mobile devices, virtual classrooms and audio and video equipment. In fact, distance learning programs are the quintessential example of how beneficial and valuable educational technology can be. Most educational technology programs offer either masters or doctoral degrees. Standard educational technology classes will focus on educational technology research, evaluation, fundamentals and instructional design. There will also be classes regarding multimedia instruction, educational games, distance education and web-based learning platforms. However, students can simply choose an educational technology program that meets their specific needs.

A Master of Education in Instructional Technology

One of the easiest ways to specialize a degree in educational technology is to choose a program that focuses on instructional technology. A Master of Education in Instructional Technology will teach students about advanced computer and communication technologies that are revolutionizing curriculum design, instructional delivery and student engagement. Students will learn why integrated approaches that combine in-class and online platforms are so effective. These programs focus on leadership, technology integration and curriculum and instruction. Typical classwork topics include virtual classrooms, web-based teaching and instructional development software and hardware. There will also be classes on technology administration and performance evaluation. Graduates will be able to advocate for positive change, apply technology to the learning process and provide professional development for teachers.

A Master of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology

A master of education in learning, design, and technology is a great choice for educational professionals who want to engage learnings, increase student performance and improve the quality of learning. This degree specialization focuses on applying instructional design and technology skills to the classroom. Graduates will also learn to assess the impact of technology on learning. Coursework will include emerging web technologies, designing learning environments and education technology integration. Students will also learn how to utilize computers as learning tools and course management systems. Graduates will go on to work as learning designers and administrators in academic and corporate settings.

A Master of Education in Educational Technology Leadership

One of the biggest challenges facing educational administrators is staff, student and parent resistance to technology challenges. There are many negative misconceptions about distance education and the benefits of technology in the learning experience. For example, many students mistakenly assume that the best way to learn is through classroom instruction. However, technology tools and platforms greatly enhance the learning experience. Therefore, a master of education in educational technology leadership will empower the education administrator to lead the way with incorporating technology into the classroom and removing barriers to education. Students will learn about quantitative research, multimedia materials and educational technology systems. They will also learn how to develop effective technology policies and training programs. Graduates will go on to become education leaders in K-12 schools, higher education institutions and even business organizations.

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There are many unique ways to specialize a degree in educational technology, which is a versatile and valuable career choice for students.