Do You Need an Education Degree to Open a Tutoring Center?

Tutoring CenterIf you are an entrepreneurial-minded individual and tutor, you might be wondering if you need an education degree to open a tutoring center. Tutors help students who are struggling with certain concepts or academic skills by giving them one-on-one attention. They might help a student with a current lesson, help students study for upcoming exams, or help students with their homework and grasping new methods or content. It is also common for a tutor to stimulate the minds of gift students with above average academic abilities so that they stay interested in school.

Starting a private tutor center will not require a great deal of money, but you will need to be a marketable professional that students and parents trust. While it might seem as if you would need a degree in education because you are doing things that an educator does, that is not always the case. You may need a degree, but in some areas professional tutoring is allowed with just a high school diploma. Read on, and learn more about the requirements to open a private tutoring center.

Determine if you Need a Special License to Provide Tutoring Services

Not all states or locals require you to have a special professional license or permit to provide teacher aide and tutoring services. You should check with your local Chamber of Commerce to find out about state-specific and local requirements. You may discover that you will need a minimum of an associate’s degree if you live in an area where the schools are classified as Title 1 schools. You may also have to pass a state or local basic education skills test or a No Child Left Behind compliant exam with a passing grade to show that you have the skills you need to provide academic instruction, according to USC Rossier Online.

Consider Becoming a Certified Tutor

If you have a high school diploma and you are not required to earn an Associate’s in Education to provide instruction services to students, it can still be very helpful to demonstrate your skills by testing to become certified. By earning your Tutor Certification through the American Tutoring Association you can show that you meet the high standards set by the association and that you can communicate with integrity.

Most applicants have a bachelor’s degree and a year of teaching or tutoring experience to get certified, but you do not need a four-year degree if you can show that you have ample tutoring experience and you take the time to complete the ATA Certification Training Program. One of the great things about holding a certification is that you can show prospective clients that you are skilled and also highlight you are trustworthy and have passed all criminal background checks.

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Starting your business can be exciting and nerve-wrecking all at the same time. Before you even construct your business plan and start to license your business, you need to be sure that you do not need an education degree to provide services. If you do not have the appropriate educational experience, you will need to complete the formal program first and then start the process. Consider the certification that is becoming national standard so that your business is more marketable even if you do not need an education degree to open a tutoring center.