Can I Get a Master in Education if I have a Bachelors in business?

mbaeduObtaining a master’s in education is a meaningful choice, as it will allow you to share your knowledge and passion for learning with others. Getting accepted to a master’s degree program is easiest if you studied in a related field during your undergraduate degree. However, students who are truly driven to study education have a good chance of success, even if they studied business as an undergraduate. Here are some tips to help you enter a master’s in education program.

The Typical Master’s of Education Student

Typically, students who want to obtain a master’s in education have been on that educational path for a while. Students might have even studied education as an undergraduate. Many students also studied in related fields, like psychology, as an undergraduate. At any rate, the links between undergraduate and graduate degree choices are usually fairly obvious. These students show a dedicated interest to the field, and they possess background knowledge that students from other disciplines won’t possess if they enter the field as a graduate student.

This does not mean that it’s impossible to get accepted to a graduate program in education with a business bachelor’s degree. It will simply be a harder sell to the admissions committees. Students who are truly interested in the field of education will need to be able to show why they have become interested in the field, and they will need to convince the admissions officers that they have the passion and knowledge required for a graduate student in the field.

Improving your Chances of Success

Universities want to accept as many master’s degrees applicants as they can. The amount of money that these students bring into the campus is substantial. However, they cannot accept applicants that they think will be unsuccessful in the field. To prove that you will be successful, you need to show successful completion of some type of related work or study. It is a good idea to do some type of volunteering or work related to education. Once you can say that you have worked in the field and enjoyed it, your application to study education will become more convincing.

In your essays, you will want to highlight your shift from business to education. Talk about what made you interested in switching fields. Give some examples of how your business background might help you be a more successful education student. Showing that you are able to build on your learning experiences, whether or not you choose to pursue the fields in the future, shows that you are continuing to grow as a student and make good use of your past educational opportunities.

Finding A Master’s Program in Education

Your decision to switch from business to education may mean that you need to apply to more schools than the average applicant in order to get accepted. It’s wise to start early and apply to many schools that fit your geographical needs. Here is a list of some of the top masters programs in education.

Getting a master’s in education with a bachelor’s in business is certainly possible if you are willing to do the extra work to catch up to your fellow students. Convey your passion and knowledge for the subject, and your business degree won’t be an obstacle.