A Golden Apple for Teacher Appreciation Week

teacher appreciationIn the United States, Teacher Appreciation Week falls during the second week of May. Often students will show appreciation to their teachers with gifts, but Teacher Appreciation Week is a community-wide festivity.

Teacher Appreciation Week is spearheaded by the National Education Association. The National Education Association calls Teacher Appreciation Week a time for honoring teachers and their lasting impact on the lives of millions of youngsters.

Recent Developments

During the last week of April, board members from the National Education Association petitioned congressmen to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 126 as well as House Resolution 167, according to NEAToday.Org. The source went on to say that both bills are designed to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day. National Teacher Day was celebrated on May 7th this year.

Suggestions for Spreading the Word

The National Education Association’s website lists ways in which everyday people can spread the message of Teacher Appreciation Week. The top suggestion on the National Education Association’s website is to bolster awareness by liking a teacher on Facebook. The idea is to publicly credit a teacher who had a positive impact on one’s life. The National Education Association’s website also features cover images that users may affix to their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

The National Education Association recommends petitioning Congress to increase the salaries and benefits of teachers around the country. In addition, the National Education Association provides links to thank a local educator or post teacher appreciation videos. The NEA website even offers site goers the chance to nominate a teacher as People Magazine’s Teacher of the Year.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week technically falls between May 6th and May 10th in the United States, but teacher appreciation day was May 7th this year. It is worth noting that even the US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, notes the importance of celebrating teachers in May. Duncan summarized the teaching profession as joyful, complex and important. ┬áDuncan proceeded to encourage students and parents to show their appreciation to the 3.2 million teachers fostering robust minds and ironclad virtue in tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition, the Secretary of Education noted the importance that technology and knowledge will play in tomorrow’s economic landscape. Arne Duncan stated that the onus and challenge of creating citizens ready to tackle these technological nuances falls mostly on the shoulders of teachers. Duncan culminated his address by noting that teaching falls between an art and science, and Duncan ended by noting that teaching is above all a public service. Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance to laud teachers for their selfless service.

Although Teacher Appreciation Week occurs in May in the United States, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th internationally. The idea behind World Teachers’ Day is to commemorate the efforts of teachers worldwide and ensure that tomorrow’s minds are well-trained for an increasingly complex and interconnected future economy. It has been UNESCO’s finding that World Teachers’ Day enhances awareness and appreciation for teachers on a global scale.

Regardless of what the calendar says, teachers should be appreciated and celebrated every day of the year for their selfless devotion to their profession and the young lives they are helping mold.